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From Africa and Asia to Latin America and the Near East, there are million people in the world who do not get enough food to lead a normal, active life. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Learn more about ReliefWeb. Many of you more than , subscribers at the last count! Published on 18 Sep — View Original.

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Download PDF Related content World. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since ReliefWeb subscriptions get a revamp Many of you more than , subscribers at the last count! Still, feeling pretty good To put down all the countries of the world is an achievement. The actual time taken is irrelevant unless you are taking a speed typing test. I think that's why he's suprised that it was forgotten.

Not because it's important. Yes, not the center of the universe, but rather large and easy to spot. Unlike Tunisia, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain. Think this is tricky? After you manage to get all the countries consistently here you can only sigh and regret Every Country Shape Quiz? I enjoy doing this quiz from memory without looking at the map or lists. Just as an aside, I find doing this mentally at night puts me to sleep somewhere along the way. Countries that don't appear on the map: antigua,bahamas,barbados,grenada,dominica,st. Either make these countries appear, or go to jail for false advertising, quiztakers are an unforgiving lot.

Not just those countries, none of the countries appear for me. Very unusual. I finally got them all. I've been able to get to fairly easily for a long time but I never sat down and just memorized all the countries so I never could get all but now I finally have. I know em all, thinking of them all under time pressure is a different matter.

I get to first try no problem, but then my mind freezes and spend the next 5 mins staring at the screen haha, and maybe remembering 2 or something. This quiz makes one think. I usually do this by continent then I always miss a few with 6 minutes to go, and then go to the list to see which letter I've missed. One of these days I will get it all without looking at the table below. This quiz and the countries and world capitals my favorite. Brain stretchers! These maps really need an update. It does include two countries that aren't recognized by the UN but misses one UN-Observer state along several other countries that aren't recognized by the UN.

At this stage the map makes no sense whatsoever. There is no logic in that malbaby, everything in the world cant be fixed by dont do it.. Now that makes no sense whatsoever.

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I think it is anything but unique, I actually think it is quite quintessential jetpunk. But I really like it : good excersize. You guys are all smartie pants. Goodness, I kept forgetting the small countries like DR :. Took me two minutes to figure out that the "f" country I was missing was France.

Good grief. If you got here through the Do you want to find the apples? I love starting with New Zealand and then typing in all the smallest countries of the world, and we look so big! Had one country left with five minutes to go and could not for the love of my life remember what it was. Then I finally realized that Chile is a country. It's interesting which countries you miss when the map is blank.

True Scale Map of the World Shows How Big Countries Really Are

Here is a quiz, Countries Forgetten with an Empty Map for you! You don't have to type "United States of America". You can simply type "USA" and it will show up on the map. I dont think he means that, he probably means people that get to the usa last.


Like when you start with europe, or try and do it alphabetically. People often give up quizzes part way through, even when there are easy answers still to get. It gives me great pleasure! Got within the first 4 minutes and I just couldn't think of the last two Cyprus and Tunisia. Like geography? One country missing and 3 minutes left when I first time realized there is an alphabetized list. Ok, plenty of time yet.. Got the three F countries already, and Ethiopia so the one missing comes after that. Also, I realized the one missing is probably in Oceania.

So, I spent the remaining time baffled Why is it not under the letter M? This quiz is fantastic for making yourself feel like a complete idiot by forgetting entire regions of the world.

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Hey people, I just launched a new quiz: Countries and dependent territories - hard Maybe you'll like it! Does anyone else try to fill in countries that have a land border with one you already have typed in. I do and i think it looks cool and makes it a little more challenging. Islands I fill in with associated land country, e.

So Paraguay won't load in when I type it? I was looking at Europe and didn't realize that I was missing Iceland or Portugal. Had out of without looking at the map, then I checked the map and realized that I had forgotten Russia and Tunisia :D left. I would have never known that is what I was missing because you literally can't see it on the map. Like mixed questions? I kept thinking I missed a few caribbean or south pacific islands but nope I forgot the korean peninsula existed.

Introducing: The Cartogram

I got it on my first try! Darn you, Oceania What was interesting for me is how much harder Africa was to complete than usual—usually I can get all the countries without a hitch as long as I put in all the islands first, but without their outlines it's a lot more difficult for some reason New record for me. Darn Gambia! One that I frequently forget. Otherwise, could've maybe done it with left or better. Lots of fun though and more challenging than having the map to fill in. All the countries of the world are represented.

Have completed this numerous times working my way 'across the map', so decided to try it in alphabetical order instead It is gonna take a bit of practice to get it down to the 15 min time but I am determined The Country of Swaziland has changed its name to eSwatini a couple of days ago, so you know. I will learn to spell Djibouti but until then accept alternate spellings like djbouti.

You have to type both of them for just about every geography game I've done. Even though they're one country now, people still like to keep them separate, though it might be a update quizmaster thinks is worth it. Hopefully it will be changed. But how come I have more countries than average, and it still says my score beats or equals Yikes, I thought you were joking or maybe I had missed the news.

No, they are still 2 separate countries since I read the comment section and found out denmark japan dominica haiti and zimbobwe. So hard to get everything right because there are so many countries and the tough part is you don't know where everything is because there is no map. I find it hilarious how many people feel the need to lie to complete strangers on the internet to feel better about themselves.

Good for you lol.