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The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Ethics

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Sociologic Analysing Everyday Life and Culture. The philosophical schools of the Stoics and Epicureans were influenced by the changes which had taken place both in the political life and in the moral consciousness of the time.

The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Ethics : Christopher Bobonich :

The ethics of the Stoa finds its closest affiliations with the past in Socrates, and in that Socratic School which according to its own opinion gave completest expression to the fundamental thought of the master's life and teachings, the Cynics. The sources of evil are, according to the Stoics, human passions, of which likewise they distinguish four, pleasure, desire, grief and fear. Search all titles. Search all titles Search all collections.

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By the end of this piece, non-specialist instructors should have a reasonable template on which they can base their own diverse and inclusive ancient ethics course. Clark R. Donley , Molly Wilder. Abstract How can philosophers unfamiliar with non-Western philosophies teach courses on ancient ethics beyond the canons of classical Greek and Hellenistic philosophy?

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