Audio Coding: Theory and Applications

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Audio Coding

Professors Overview. Ulrich Heute Gerhard Schmidt. Internal PhD Students. DSS Team. Research Topics Overview. Speech and Audio Signal Processing Overview. Research Topics. Overview Software Download. Publications - Additional Material.

Research Vehicles. DSS Labs and Vehicles. DSS Research. Lectures Overview. Adaptive Filters Basic Information. Lecture Adaptive Filters. Basic Information.

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Lecture Advanced Digital Signal Processing. Lecture Advanced Signals and Systems. Current Evaluation Completed Evaluations.


Lecture Digital Audio Effects. Lecture Digital Signal Processing. Current Evaluation.

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Lecture Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. Real-time wavelet packet-based low bit rate audio coding on a dynamic reconfiguration systems, AES th convention paper , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March, Philippe, F. Saint-Martin, M. Speech Audio Processing, vol. Raad, A. Mertins, I. Said, W. An approach to 2D wavelet transform and its use for image compression, Radioengineering, Vol. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles.

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Article Preview. Abstract: Digital audio coding delays have become increasingly critical in real-time wireless applications. Add to Cart. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volumes Main Theme:. Measurement Technology and its Application. Edited by:. Prasad Yarlagadda and Yun-Hae Kim.

An Overview of the Coding Standard MPEG-4 Audio Amendments 1 and 2: HE-AAC, SSC, and HE-AAC v2

Online since:. December Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. As all we known, the data quantity of digital image is so large that it should be compressed for high-speed transmission and store. So image encoding has become one of the key technologies on which the digital society depends. The lecture on network management will introduce the key issues in the communications network management and will cover a new paradigm encountered in managing communications network.

This course covers mathematical theories associated with computation, convergence, communication, and synchronization of parallel and distributed algorithms which often appear in a network, communication, control, signal processing and OR problems, focusing on asynchronous parallel and distributed algorithms.

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A system of equations, nonlinear optimization, variational inequality problem, shortest path problem, dynamic programming, and network flow problem will be addressed as applications with many real-world examples. The design and implementation of the physical layer, data link layer, and network layer protocols are explained. Moreover, the architecture of SDR based terminal is investigated.

see Finally, this course involves protocol design, verification, and optimization. This course is to discuss some important advanced topics in the area of signal detection theory. Topics may vary: In Fall , the main topic will be locally-optimum detection of weak signals.