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We borrow a working definition for chaos theory from Dr. I should briefly dissect some of these terms to better describe what is and what is not chaotic in nature: Chaos is qualitative in that it seeks to know the general character of a system's long-term behavior, rather than seeking numerical predictions about a future state.

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What characteristics will all solutions of a system exhibit? How does this system change from exhibiting one behavior to another? Chaotic systems are unstable since they tend not to resist any outside disturbances but instead react in significant ways.


In other words, they do not shrug off external influences but are partly navigated by them. The variables describing the state of a system do not demonstrate a regular repetition of values and are therefore aperiodic. This unstable aperiodic behavior is highly complex since it never repeats and continues to show the effects of the disturbance s.

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These systems are deterministic because they are made up of few, simple differential equations, and make no references to implicit chance mechanisms. This is not to be completely equated with the metaphysical or philosophical idea of determinism that human choices could be predetermined as well.

CHAOS is the only Smart City Intelligence platform that combines human intelligence with big data to produce forerunning urban analytics and forecasts. CHAOS platform enables you to make data-driven and sustainable decisions that will generate impact and value growth for your business.

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Data is a new city infrastructure, and city developers, builders, consultancies, and governors are more and more paying attention to data to better serve their cities. In CHAOS we believe that the power of data is a key for running sustainable and high value urban projects. Putting the citizens at the heart of your plans is essential to successful urban development.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the comprehensive view of urban environments to develop services, infrastructure, residential and commercial objects so that they will benefit the society, bring profitability, and ensure the liveability and sustainability of our cities.

CHAOS platform is an intuitive and easy to start platform.

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Read more. Understanding a city starts with understanding its people.

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CHAOS is able to bridge the vast amounts of external data, e. For any organization that needs to rationalize and justify its actions and decisions, a key question is how to systematically make use of the multiplicity of data from different sources. The question is even more important for organizations developing and offering public services.

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We collaborated with CHAOS on making sense of our data needs for better engagement with our ecosystem. CHAOS helped us in identifying data needs of our key stakeholders and creating a framework for engagement with them.