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Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Behavioural studies have shown that while humans may be the best decision makers on the planet, we are not quite as good as we think we are. We are regularly subject to biases, inconsistencies and irrationalities in our decision making. Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support explores perspectives from many different disciplines to show how we can help decision makers to deliberate and make better decisions.

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Development and delivery of major policy and modelling research projects Environmental Protection Agency International Policy Development and Implementation. Regulatory impact assessments of plastic bag taxes and waste facility levies for Ireland Department of Environment Health and Local Government Specialist Environmental Market Expertise.

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Research to support the design, implementation and revision of major environmental taxation policies such as the Plastic Bag Levy, Carbon Tax and Waste Facilities Levy. Research to support the future direction of the European emissions trading scheme and associated climate policy in Europe European Commission International Negotiation. Support on the development of national positions and the negotiation of air and climate targets for Ireland Irish Government Parking Pricing Policy.

Economic Analysis.

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Application of economic methods and analytical frameworks to support our clients. Policy Research.

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Integrated Modelling. Broad scope integrated assessment modelling across all sectors and multiple themes. Behavioural Science.

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Understanding decisions and communicating choices with behavioural science. Personal Sign In.

Multi Criteria Decision Support System: Preference Information and Robustness

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Review Procedures for Water Resources Project Planning