Grand Jeu (For Full Organ)

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The recording session was done on Sept.

I love this app and an enjoying playing the organ again in my retirement. I am not a midi expert and have not fiddled much with any of the settings. But someone told me I could configure this organ so that the pedal only plays the lowest note I play on my single keyboard. Having them all play makes my poor music sound awfully muddy.

Can anyone tell me how I would do this? Since the organ possesses the resources for a heroic tutti, an ample, stable wind supply was deemed most suitable. Therefore, double-rise bellows at the base of the organ feed wooded trunks; from there, the wind is conveyed to the pallet boxes, with Rosales-style wind stabilizers adjacent. Drawing the Vent Flexible knob disengages the stabilizers, exciting the natural resonance of the wind system and imparting a gently flexing quality appropriate to earlier repertoire.

The Tremblant G.

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Following the customary practices of both firms, the key action uses a minimum of bushing cloth for a crisp, direct action. Both Rosales and Fisk have used this system in other organs with excellent results. The windchests themselves employ modern materials - Delrin TM slider seals, Lexan TM sliders, best-grade voidless plywood - and rest on steel bearers, all to ensure climatic stability. A unique contribution from the Fisk company is the Servopnuematic Lever that combines the ease of touch afforded by the Barker Lever used in the nineteenth century with a perfected servo control.

Developed by Stephen Kowalyshyn of Fisk, the Lever faithfully communicates all the subtleties of key motion to the pallet valves, even when full organ and all the couplers are drawn.

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The Lever may be applied selectively to the Grand Orgue and its couplers, including the Octaves graves, which can subcouple all three manuals. Disengaging the Lever restores direct mechanical control.

Also of note is the complete enclosure of two divisions - a first for both builders. The two-inch-thick walls that surround each of these divisions have vertical shutters on three sides. Through a system of levers and cams, only a few shutters operate at first; the rest are carefully calibrated for a gradual opening, distributing the dynamic range evenly over the travel of the expression shoe.

This system provides a range and control of expression that is breathtaking. Therefore, the pedalboard, while straight, is not flat. The manual keys of the organ are made of bone and ebony, while the pedal keys are of maple and ebony. The arc of the stop terraces are echoed in the gentle sweep of the toe-terrace returns. Gold-embossed leather borders and turned drawknobs of cocobolo and ebony complete the distinctive appearance of the console.

Noels: Organ Book: Louis-Claude Daquin

The by-now familiar multilevel combination action, augmented by an innovative programmable piston sequencer, offers three specialized modes of operation. In Mode americain, the pistons and toe studs control the organ stops in the usual manner. Not only has the combined expertise and experience of each firm been fully exploited, but together they have forged exciting new paths. If the principal chorus of the Grand Orgue represents for Rosales something of a departure from its norm, it is for Fisk even more radical. Although earlier Rosales choruses also employed hammered lead pipework, his more recent work has utilized tin, while retaining hammered lead for the nixtures to obtain a better blend.

In the Shepherd School organ, the choruses need to provide the appropriate plein jeu for French Classic repertoire while being versatile enough to be successful in other stylistic contexts. To obtain both breadth and clarity, hammered tin, scraped tin, and hammered spotted metal were used, coupled with ample but not overly generous scales. On hearing or playing the organ for the first time, one is struck by its high vocal quality. Similar to the characteristics of Italian instruments, the singing quality of the core stops seems more important than their function as the foundation of the overall sound.

This can be felt only if several stops are played together or in a chord. The aesthetics of the Italian art of organ-building can be found at every turn, as in the previously mentioned complete Principal chorus, which even includes a 1-foot Principal. When played with the undulating Unda maris Principal, the sound of his elevation fantasias is tremendously expressive.

Noël Grand Jeu et Duo, for organ

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Grand Jeu performed by Sean Wallis

Michael Becker. Organ Building. All these principles have also been applied at St.

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The string sound achieved by the 8-foot Gamba and 4-foot Fugara is wonderful. They are both copies of stops of the same names crafted by Hildebrandt for his organ in Naumburg, and they are ideal for ensemble playing with flutes and stopped pipes.