High Raw: A Simple Approach to Health, Eating and Saving the Planet

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The Master Cleanse is a popular detoxification program that includes a protocol of drinking a lemonade made of lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and sea salt. Anyone eating foods with hot spices, like cayenne pepper can experience hot stools. As a football fan who used to consume a lot of hot wings, I could have told you that! When it comes to natural health, there are plenty of great products, websites and information. However, there is also a lot of misinformation that leads to following protocols that may end up confusing you more than helping you.

Testing can help in determining what protocol is right for your unique needs. The complete blood profile measures the concentration of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in your blood. This test is often used to identify the general state of your health, find an infection, identify whether symptoms are related to certain diseases, provide indicators of hydration or dehydration or reactions to inflammation.


The test itself is simple: your blood is drawn and your results will be sent to your health practitioner, who will help you interpret the results. If you see any irregularities then you know that you may need to address something specifically. I recommend that you get a complete blood profile once a year.

One company that does complete blood profile tests in the United States is Lab Corp, which you can find online at www.

A nutritional evaluation can identify whether you have vitamin, mineral and essential co-factor imbalances. It can be very valuable to know if you have mineral deficiencies, like sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphate, for example. Mineral deficiencies can lead to several symptoms, chief among them is fatigue or low energy. Direct Labs is one lab in the United States that does vitamin and mineral testing.

It is common for vegetarians and raw foodists to have low B12 levels, but anyone can be low in B I will cover the importance of B12, why you could be deficient and signs of B12 deficiency in chapter The MMA is a non-invasive urine test. Sally M. Pacholok, R. Stuart, D. Choose the Most Accurate test for B12 Deficiency:3 1. There are also discrepancies in what is considered low B12 levels. This measures the amount of methylmalonic acid in your urine and the test does not result in false negatives or false positives.

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you think. I will cover more about vitamin D deficiency, including symptoms, in chapter Your health practitioner can order this test for you. Direct Labs www.

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Also known as CRP, the c-reactive protein test is used to diagnose signs of inflammation that play a role in cardiovascular disease, stroke, some forms of arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease and pelvic inflammatory disease. A CRP is a simple blood test that people sometimes get when they are getting their cholesterol tested. Direct Labs does CRP testing.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause a variety of symptoms, like digestive pain, nausea, headaches, sweating and candida. A good test for heavy metals is the hair test because it is the most accurate. The complete blood profile has been beneficial in my own health by helping me address low minerals.

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For candida a systemic yeast infection , the tests that helped me were the IgA, IgG and the IgM assay, which test for antibodies to Candida albicans.. With scientific testing, I have been able to work through these symptoms in a much more targeted and much easier! Checking your cholesterol levels is a good example. If you noticed your cholesterol continued to rise, you could start addressing it right away — before there were any health issues, like a heart attack. Direct Labs will send you to a local lab, like Lab Corp, where they will take your blood, urine or whatever is being tested.

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive the results by mail. Once you are armed with the test results, going online and researching what the information means is a much better process than surfing the web without really knowing what is going on. I prefer working with a health practitioner. If I were building a business, I might hire a consultant with expertise in marketing, business strategy or accounting. If I were an athlete, I might hire a coach to motivate and support me in improving my performance.

A student might hire a tutor to improve performance on tests. When it comes to your health, having an expert — a coach, a health practitioner — can be a tremendous asset in helping you achieve your goals. An expert can greatly shortcut the learning curve and make your journey much easier. People who work with experts — health practitioners, coaches or mentors, are able to realize improvements faster. Think of the most successful people you know. Chances are, they have all been coached or mentored in some way. They have all worked with experts who help them bring out their best.

Michael Phelps, who won 14 career Olymic gold metals in swimming worked with many of the best coaches. The same is true for Tiger Woods. And in business, billionaire Richard Branson, who created the Virgin brand of over companies, had mentors along the way to his success. When you reach out to people, whether in person, over the phone or even online, you may find that achieving your goals is easier and much more fun. If your medical doctor orders tests for you, they may be covered by your health care insurance or at least a percentage of the cost.

However, I know that not everyone has health insurance.


High Raw: A Simple Approach to Eating, Health and Saving the Planet

I firmly believe that the value of these tests far outweigh the cost and yet, I am also aware that everyone has a different perspective about money. When you make your health your top priority High Raw Principle 2 , you may find that you are able to come up with the money you need. Go at the pace that works for you.

I will address more about money and health in chapter Since everyone is different, the amount of time it takes you may be very different from the amount of time it takes someone else. Once you get your test results and start working on your health protocol, I recommend listening to your body and taking it slowly. After three days, are you already looking for results? You also put yourself and your body through a lot of unnecessary stress. Think about the two-week experiment approach.

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Commit to giving yourself at least two weeks to see if something is going to work before moving on to the next thing. If you have a serious illness or find that you are feeling really confused, I recommend working with a health practitioner. In situations like this, working with an expert can support you in setting a time frame that works for your healing protocol. Most importantly, remember not to take your health too seriously. Instead, trust that you have committed to the High Raw Principle 2 and your health is your top priority. Once you trust this, you can focus on taking on a curious, 66 high raw explorative, lighthearted mindset.

If some symptoms are going away, celebrate that! We sometimes forget to celebrate milestones on the way to the end game.

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I reviewed all of the natural healing protocols for candida, selected four of them and took the twoweek experiment approach for each. Some of the protocols were better than others, but the good news is that I stuck with it and eliminated candida.

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I took the same two-week experiment approach and in this case, I worked with four health coaches. Two of the coaches I worked with alone had over 60 years of experience in helping thousands of clients, so you can imagine I trusted what they had to say! In the end, I chose a natural treatment, combined with antibiotics.

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Overall, I am grateful that candida and Lyme disease were part of my journey because not only did I learn a lot about what works for me, I also felt empowered to take charge of my health. The more you get to know your body, the more you will trust the signals of your body. Scientific testing and health experts can help guide you along the journey.

Why is this so important? And think about it… you are probably surrounded by people who will be happy to give you their opinions about what is or is not healthy. How many times have you been at the dinner table with your family and suddenly nutrition came up? What happens if one of your family members starts arguing exactly the opposite of a point you were making?