Liu Tsung-yüan and Intellectual Change in T’ang China, 773-819

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Light ware to slipcase. Qingbai porcelains are famous for their distinctive forms and pale blue glazes.

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They were among the most successful domestic and export products of the 11th to 14th centuries in China and are the technological precursors of imperial blue and white porcelain. Until now, no comprehensive study of these wares has been published in English and this volume brings together some of the most characteristic examples from collections around the world.

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Over pieces are illustrated in colour with a number published here for the first time. Included in this catalogue are scholarly essays and contributions from noted experts in the field, each of which has been summarised in Chinese along with the captions of each pieces.

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In winkelwagen Meer informatie. Catalogus: Art. Leeuwarden, Museum het Princessehof. Soft Cover. Catalogus: aardewerk en porselein. Amsterdam, Boekerij, Linnen band met stofomslag, 21 cm, pp. ISBN: Professionele verkoper. Catalogus: China.

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Amsterdam, Elsevier, Paperback, 20 cm, pp. Leesvouwtjes Cond. Chinese Univ of Hong Kong Art, Hardcover clothbound with dustjacket. Text in Chinese and English. Empress Palace Museum, Singapore Hardcover with dustjacket. Richly illustrated in color.

The Presidency of Yuan Shih-k'ai. Liberalism and Dictatorship in Early Republican China. The University of Michigan, Cloth with dustjacket, in a good condition. Catalogus: Algemeen.

Liu Tsung-Yuan and Intellectual Change in T'Ang China, by Jo-Shui Chen

Aries Gemini Publishing Ltd.. First edition. Hard cover. Near fine. Very good.

In this reference book the author has combined the latest findings and theories. It discusses all essential aspects concerning the development and authentication of important Chinese ceramic wares touching upon matters as vessel shapes, decoration, material, potting methods and kiln sites. In this edition extra attention for Jingdezhen fabrication during the Yuan dynasty.

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Skickas inom vardagar. This book is a comprehensive study of Liu Tsang-yan , a major literary and intellectual figure in Chinese history. The major aspects of Liu's life and work are explored: the social and cultural background of his family, his relationship with the ku-wen prose reforms and new canonical scholarship in the mid-T'ang, his social and political criticism, his views on Confucian doctrine, and his sentiments and reflections regarding the private realm of human life.

Liu Tsung-Yuan and Intellectual Change in T'Ang China, 773 819

Its scope goes beyond the 'life and thought' of this principal intellectual figure in its special emphasis on the connections between Liu's thought and mid-T'ang intellectual change, modifying the conventional view that the mid-T'ang Confucian revival led by Han Y and Liu Tsung-yan was a precursor of Sung Neo-Confucianism. Chen suggests that the mid-T'ang Confucian movement was essentially a revival of an old form of Confucianism and that Liu's was a powerful voice expressing this sentiment.

This in-depth study also encompasses a general interpretation of the nature of the T'ang-Sung intellectual transition. Anyone familiar with the intriguing yet elusive Liu Tsang-yan will find this book fascinating. Passar bra ihop.